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Welcome to the FITSH Wiki pages. FITSH is a full-featured, open-source software collection related to astronomical image and data processing. This page gathers information about the program (including documentation and examples) and this is the primary download source of the package itself.

The current stable version of FITSH is 0.9.2. See this list about all of the public releases of this package.

Installation gudelines

By installing from source, FITSH follows the standard ./configure && make && make install procedure. See this page for further details. FITSH can also be compiled as a Debian package and can be installed system-wide using a Debian-based package manager (dpkg, apt-get, ...).

Getting started

This page describes you how can one begin to have experiences with FITSH. Basically, first install FITSH itself (and some additional packages which might also be useful in the future) then the tasks are readily be availble for image processing!


Here you can find many fully elaborated examples demonstrating the most important features of the FITSH package. Most of these examples are related to published scientific articles.



  • Information about the FITS format.
  • The paper describing the package.
  • The PhD thesis in which some algorithmical details of the various utilities are discussed.
  • The paper describing the details and features of the catalogue cross matching and astrometry as implemented in the grmatch task.

Although FITSH is a relatively new public package, it is not without a history. As of now, there are more than 100 papers (from the last 10+ years) in which one or more of the FITSH tasks have successfully been employed at some level.

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