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Currently, documentation about this program/project is available in the following forms:

  • All of the programs/tasks are capable to provide a shorter and a longer list of command line help options and description that are available via the --help and --long-help options, respectively. The --help option simply lists the available options and switches with a minimalistic references of the actual syntax while --long-help gives a detailed description.
  • All of the programs/tasks are capable to provide a Mediawiki-formatted output about the available options by using the --wiki-help command line argument.
  • You can find a more detailed summary about the specific programs/tasks here.
  • There is an all-in-one document in PDF format describing the above mentioned options and features some examples as well.
  • See also the Examples section of this web page.

Please provide feedback if the documentation seems to be incomplete and/or incosistent.

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