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A few minor bugs in installation on Mac OS X 10.5.8 ( jdneill | 2011 november 14., mon - 19:41 )

Nice set of utilities! I encountered only two fairly minor issues when installing:
1. configure is setting the HELP2MAN variable in the main Makefile to 'true' instead of 'help2man' 2. there are three typos in the doc/examples/firandom Makefile that cause the make command to fail when generating the coma1, coma2, and background images. I fixed these by adding a space between the command parameter and the continuation character '\' on the end of the second line of each of these targets.
These are minor because they in no way interfere with the installation of the main utilities.
Keep up the good work!

( apal | 2011 november 15., tue - 12:07 ) hide
Thanks, just a quick reply:
- Ues, it might either be a bug or a feature: if no `help2man` is installed on your system, ./configure won't fail but replaces `help2man` calls by `true`. Therefore, the package can be compiled without any warning or error, but you won't have the .1 manual pages.
- The ./doc/examples are somehow deprecated, so I think it will be removed from the next release - the examples are and will be displayed on this web page (and I'll upload those firandom-examples here as well!)
( jdneill | 2011 november 15., tue - 20:59 ) hide
Ah yes, I did a configure first and then installed help2man after. I did a make clean and another configure and indeed, HELP2MAN is set to 'help2man'. Good to go. -Don